Megan serves up FOX crow for Donald…Just in time to save FOXNEWS ratings before May sweeps.

Not surprising, Megan Kelly is finally doing what she was told to do months ago by her boss; kill the Trump war and restore Foxnews ratings by reaching out to Donald Trump. This is especially important as we approach the traditional May sweeps ratings. How many viewers found CNN and MSNBC as a result of the war against Trump remains to be seen.

Worthy of note, on the same day Kelly reaches out to Trump she interviews Al Sharpton, which could be viewed as an “in your face move” to her FOX superiors.

Come this fall maybe Kelly does ride into the sunset .



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Bernie Sanders… Wrong on Raising the Minimum Wage

Bernie Sanders believes  by increasing the minimum wage to $15.00 you would increase the disposable income of Americans who in turn would spend more money in those businesses actually impacted by the wage increase.  For example, someone working only 20 hours would have a weekly income of $300.  But these are the same people who used to work 40 hours before Obama Care and the weak Democratic economy.  However, if they still worked 40 hours at their current wage of $7.50 per hour their weekly income would also be $300.00 and thus have  the same disposable income. In reality, reducing hours and doubling wages has the same  impact of working half the time for the same amount of money….  Yeah that’s right Bernie… it really about putting people back to full time work.   See more

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Michael Savage …Simply Marvelous/Hennelly almost gets it right



The talk-radio godfather of Trumpamania: What Michael Savage can tell us about America’s white working class

While Trump was still gladhanding his way through polite society, Savage built an army of disgruntled Americans

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Megan Kelly – Rejuvenates CNN and MSNBC

Megan Kelly has accomplished the very thing that CNN and MSNBC has spent years and millions of dollars to accomplish …convince viewers that they are alternatives to FOX NEWS.

Fox has been trying to tone down Kelly’s her behavior after the first debate.  Most agree the question to Trump was an appropriate topic  but her delivery is what offended most viewers. As she delivered her question, Kelly’s facial distortions were totally disrespectful to a presidential candidate and a clear projection of  her personal dislike of Trump.

To add to the flood of viewers switching to CNN/MCNBC, viewers felt  the tweet from FOX executives as another inappropriate network action.  Adding to the negative tidal wave was FOX’s apparent instruction to all FOX personnel(except O’Reilly ) to make any reference to the initial Fox tweet.  Something CNN and MSNBC covered in a fair news analysis of the FOX/Kelly/ Trump incident.

Has Kelly “jumped the shark”.Kelly’s reluctance to follow instructions from senior Fox personnel to “tone down her attacks on Trump” is obvious to viewers.  Recent comments  regarding her disappointment in O’Reilly, and suggestions that she may not return to FOX after her contract ends in the fall; only adds to her own efforts to end her career.  Read more: and The-beginning-of-the-end-for-fox-news at :


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Coming to America ????Britain’s Muslim Sex Grooming Gang Scandal

For all their efforts to change the world to accept Muslims, the British seemed to have learned a hard lesson. Decades  of trying to integrate Muslims into Western culture have created sex havens for Muslim youths and a generation of “Muslim flesh peddlers ” describes author Janet Levy in her book …   A Look Inside Britain’s Muslin Sex Grooming Gang Scandal ….read more at: http://www.americanthinker.…

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Trump calls foul; Cruz claims “not me “again!

Trump responds by sharing an unflattering photo of Ted Cruz’s wife.   Cruz:  “Donald, real men don’t attack women. Your wife is lovely, and Heidi is the love of my life.” Sound too familiar,… like Iowa, with emails and fraud mailers… You make the call  but read more at:

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Cancellation of “Hard Ball” …spouse takes contributions from New York Senator and Barbara Boxer

On Monday, Republican congressional candidate Aryeh Shudofsky called on MSNBC to suspend Matthews’ show while his wife Kathleen Matthews, a Democrat, was in the race.

“Kathleen Matthews is a congressional candidate and is inappropriately benefiting from her husband’s position,” Shudofsky said, citing reports that guests on MSNBC’s “Hardball” had contributed to Matthews’ campaign.

“Basic ethics and precedent dictate that MSNBC should cancel ‘Hardball’ until Kathleen Matthews is no longer a candidate for Congress,” Shudofsky said. “In 2003, Maria Shriver took an extended leave from NBC when her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ran for governor, and relinquished her position when he ultimately won.” read more

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“Tied at the waist” -MSNBC Best Buddies -Chris and Hillary

Chris Mathews and Hillary Clinton  finally admitted what we all knew…   listen to their”hot mic ” conversation.

You guys can’t stop covering him,” Clinton said told Matthews. “He is a dangerous presence.”

It’s just like candy by the bushel.”

Matthews followed up by acknowledging that his network has “progressive leanings, obviously.”

“But nobody can tell what people want to watch,” he said. 

“People must think they want to watch him,” Clinton replied.

“They laugh at him,” said Matthews.   read more

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Wasserman joins Clinton in a class of their own.

Debbie Wasserman and Hillary Clinton are the epitome of what is wrong with the Democrats….and two of the worst roll models for young women. Mom and Dad…keep your daughters away from these two.

RIGGED: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Strikes Again.  In a pathetic move to protect her seat, DNC Chair blocks access to voter files…read more …

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Oh no, not Mitt!

However you feel about Mitt and his comments…  he has sinned in the Mormon world. LDS services throughout the world will condemn the shame has brought upon the linen flock.  See

More Mormon  :Why We’re Afraid of Mormons BU-trained scholar says uninformed prejudice abounds;

Much More Mormon  Republican Mitt Romney and the “Mormon Plan for America”

Even More Mormon; How Mormon Doctrine Shapes Romney’s World View ;

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