Megan Kelly – Rejuvenates CNN and MSNBC

Megan Kelly has accomplished the very thing that CNN and MSNBC has spent years and millions of dollars to accomplish …convince viewers that they are alternatives to FOX NEWS.

Fox has been trying to tone down Kelly’s her behavior after the first debate.  Most agree the question to Trump was an appropriate topic  but her delivery is what offended most viewers. As she delivered her question, Kelly’s facial distortions were totally disrespectful to a presidential candidate and a clear projection of  her personal dislike of Trump.

To add to the flood of viewers switching to CNN/MCNBC, viewers felt  the tweet from FOX executives as another inappropriate network action.  Adding to the negative tidal wave was FOX’s apparent instruction to all FOX personnel(except O’Reilly ) to make any reference to the initial Fox tweet.  Something CNN and MSNBC covered in a fair news analysis of the FOX/Kelly/ Trump incident.

Has Kelly “jumped the shark”.Kelly’s reluctance to follow instructions from senior Fox personnel to “tone down her attacks on Trump” is obvious to viewers.  Recent comments  regarding her disappointment in O’Reilly, and suggestions that she may not return to FOX after her contract ends in the fall; only adds to her own efforts to end her career.  Read more: and The-beginning-of-the-end-for-fox-news at :


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